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  Tonting Commercial Co.,Ltd. is an expert of the feng-shui implements and luopans manufacturing and developing company. It was founded in 1984', the headquarter is located at Taipei ,Taiwan. There are many kinds of own special design test instruments which use to test the Tonting products . Tonting perfect luopans and any products were through tough tests before to markets.
Tonting luopans are your best choice.


Aluminium alloy feng shui compass

 260mm  220mm 
L.O.A San he L.O.A  San yuan L.O.A
Compass Stander Tonting Feng-shui Compass Stander
Dragon Finder Dragon finder (Big)  Dragon finder (Small)
Lucky Hanger Sanhe Lucky Hanger  Sanyuan Lucky Hanger
Tonting Commercial Company Limited
Tontig 86001 zonghe feng-shui compass 26cm
Item Number:  A86001
Product Name: Aluminium alloy Zhong he feng shui compass 26cm
Measurement: 26.0cm * 26.0cm
Net Weight: 1224g
Product Origin:  Taiwan
Hongantang Feng-shui Compass
Item Number:  H12001
Product Name: Hungantang Feng-shui Compass
Measurement: 36.5cm * 36.5cm
Net Weight: 2400g
Product Origin:  Taiwan
Tonting Luopan Observing Apparatus
Item Number:  19601
Product Name: San he L.O.A
Measurement: 12.2cm * 12.2cm
Net Weight: 500g
Product Origin:  Taiwan
Tontig Dowsing (Big)
Item Number:  20001
Product Name: Dragon finder (Big)
Measurement: 21.4cm
Net Weight: 350g
Product Origin:  Taiwan
Tonting Feng-shui Compass Stander
Item Number:  20003
Product Name: feng-shui Compass Stander
Measurement: 45 ~ 125 cm
Net Weight: 1000g
Product Origin:  Taiwan
Tonting Sanhe Lucky Hunger
Item Number:  19h01
Product Name: Lucky Hanger
Measurement: 5.8cm * 5.8cm
Net Weight: 100g
Product Origin:  Taiwan