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What is the accurate luopan?
(1) There are two main parts of luopan , one is outer pan, other is inner pan, while turn inner pan on outer pan shall steady and smooth on the center of the outer pan, can`t loosely.
(2) The nylon cross thread must align below any inner pan`s vertical cross form line.
(3) The heaven pool needle width shall approximate to it bottom red line.
(4) The bottom of the heaven pool red line must align to the inner pan`s 0 degree and 180 degree, there is two point side direct to the 0 degree.
(5) While turn inner pan the heaven pool needle must steady direct south, can`t move by.
What conditions can cause luopan incorrectly?
(1) While pack or transport the luopan may move the nylon red cross threads from it correct position, therefore everytime must check the threads are sure at it correct position before use luopan.
(2) After longtime use luopan shall cause the inner pan loose on outerpan,
(3) The luopan set near the electric instrument or inside car may cause it magnetic weary or opposite.
What is the bad luopan?
(1) The inner pan`s plate form line drawing by manhand or don`t correct computer software,cause it any vertical lines are not accurately.
(2) The inner pan or it brass plate have not on the center of the outer pan, that cause some inner pan`s vertical form lines can align above nylon red cross lines some cann`t..
(3) The width of the heaven pool needle have not approximate it bottom red line.
(4) The inner pan have not steady on the outer pan`s center while rotate inner pan.
(5) The case of the heaven pool was electro plated have cohere iron,that could interfere the needle correct direction.
(6) There are static-electricity cohere on the luopan`s plastic that could interfere the needle correct direction.
What can cause the luopan surveying incorrectly?
(1) Nearby the surveying position have iron , steel, cell, and electric instruments.
(2) The surveyor have accompany cell-phone and iron instruments.
(3) Nearby the surveying position have car or motorcycle.
(4) Installing laser pen could influence the needle correct direct.
How to use the luopan?
(1) Surveying the face and seat: Any side of luopan parallel or against the door or tombstone front side, then turn the inner pan to it heaven pool needle parallel to bottom red line, and the needle side of have a hole must direct to the side of the red line have two red points side .then look at the nylon red cross line cover the inner pan`s form and characters, the inside direction is seat out side is face direction.
(2) Surveying the mountain , river and roads.:put the luopan on the center of door or tombstone front edge center for measuring position, if shall want firm surveying could use tonting luopan stander to set luopan.
There are lot of counterfeit luopans or incorrect luopans , if use them to survey Feng-Sui, shall cause misread the conditions, to measure Feng-Sui is use for get luck and off disaster, owing to the incorrect luopan cause get opposite result let the disaster come and luck off. Hoping the Feng_Sui masters shall expel the incorrect luopans.